A starless sky is how my mind is   All I need right now is a blurred light of a shimmering hope disguised as a shining star   All those chaotic thoughts clouding and obscuring my mind; blanketing my stars   How do I make the clouds disappear which rains on my parade?   I... Continue Reading →


Her Journal

Her journal screams in blue, every single night, Not a soul but those pages know about her woeful plights, She roars in silenced thoughts that are trite, and slowly birth them to words as the mind recites, turning them into confessions that are contrite. ~ © 2017 Shruthi Jothsana ~

Growing up

She brushed the pain off like the dust, She made all the terrific decisions without a tinge of tremble, She shut the door for the fear and kept it open for the opportunities, She slept with goals and woke up with priorities, She decorated her soul only with the artsy vibes, She watered her thoughts... Continue Reading →

#1 Why Do You Write

Finally giving into the bandwagon!:) Here comes my #WhyDoYouWrite series of which this is the first one. Why do you write? I write Because My mind cannot breathe With so many cluttered thoughts. So, before it chokes, I must Declutter them to words. ~ © 2017 Shruthi Jothsana ~

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