Poetry is like…

Poetry looks like a sunrise – setting the darkened world with light of words, everytime you write.

Poetry tastes like a first sip of coffee/tea of the day, which energizes you. – every day when you write your first line.

Poetry smells like the ink which bleeds from the pen as you write.

~ © Shruthi Jothsana 2018 ~


Happy World Poetry Day 2018!

Poetry is…

a versification of words;
a broken rhyme for a broken soul;
an iamb for emotion;
a pause from feeling pain;
a stress on a thought ruling the mind;
an imagery of an alternative reality;
a personification of things
you couldn’t really be;
a repetition of moments
cherished in different words;
an oxymoron for peaceful chaos;
a figure of speech for those
who don’t prefer literal speech;
an art form that has
no one set definition;
in the process of doing
what you love;
a simile like colors
which is everywhere
and in everything;
not just words but
people, things, places too;
a hyperbole which makes

~ © Shruthi Jothsana 2018 ~


Pic Courtesy: Pinterest

How a change works?

Have you ever noticed how a change works?

When you crave it badly, when you think it is indispensable, nothing happens. You wait so much for a change in a phase of life that the current reality seems like a rut to you.


When you are building your reality/comfort zone around a new change that has already happened, that’s when exactly an uncalled; an unexpected; a serendipitous; an inevitable change surfaces.

It is either the first or the second. No middle ground.

~ © Shruthi Jothsana 2018 ~

I write (Airplane Poetry Movement)

I write –
to salvage myself from reality;
to say what I haven’t thought before;
to feel what I haven’t felt before;
to visualise what I haven’t seen before;
to connect with myself,
clearly and deeply;
to live the moment,
in between chaotic process of survival;
to discover undiscovered parts of myself;
to make my insignificant existence, significant;
to breathe freely with a decluttered mind;
because words make me high;
because I wanna be remembered for the words which makes me high.

~ © 2018 Shruthi Jothsana ~

Growing up

You don’t make promises
you couldn’t keep, not anymore.
Not even under a pretense
that utterance in words makes it better
just to satiate the minds involved.
Words no more holds adhesion.
Failed actions wears everything out.
Acceptance begins to unravel
as a bitter pill.
Once you swallow it,
you come to terms that
You are one step ahead
in growing up.

~ © 2018 Shruthi Jothsana ~


Sometimes, starting from scratch
is what we need.
New choices. Finding a path
to be better than the past.
Fresh firsts.
Not everyone deserves it.
But work hard enough,
thinking you deserve it.
Keep building memories
as you work though your way
of being better than yesterday.
Things will unfold by itself.
In the end, when you look back,
The choices you didn’t make
wouldn’t have gotten you to
where you are but
the choices you made would.
In the end, your choices define
you – the real you.

~ © 2018 Shruthi Jothsana ~